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Keeping Your Preschooler Safe at the Pool

Posted on 06-28-2017

Summertime temperatures are perfect for days spent by the water - but safety comes first! Everyone knows not to dive into the shallow end or run near the edge of the pool, but we've thought of a few extra ways to protect your preschooler. Follows these pool safety tips for some worry-free summer fun.

Protect your skin

Sunscreen is a must! The sun's intense UV rays can have harmful affects on your child's skin when exposed for too long. Select a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher in order to avoid a sunburn.

Remove distractions

Be sure to keep all toys and inflatable floats away from the pool when not in use. These extra distractions can guide your preschooler toward the pool when it's not time to swim, so keep the perimeter of the pool free of any toys.

Toys with wheels are a no-go

Remind your child that it isn't safe to ride bicycles, tricycles, or skateboards near the edge of the pool. Slippery pool tile doesn't pair well with wheels, so it's best to keep all rideable toys far away from the water.

Install a fence

If you're putting an in-ground pool in your background, remember to install a fence around the perimeter of the pool. Fences should be climb resistant and reach at least 4 feet tall in order to best protect your preschooler from entering the pool area at the wrong time.

The very best way to stay safe during pool time is to remember to keep your eyes on the pool and those swimming at all times. Even better? Go ahead and hop in with your kiddos to cool off and ensure a fun and safe swim!

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